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We are your same day courier that specializes in medical supplies but is also able to transport any secure, fragile or time sensitive item. Premier One Courier Service will help prevent delays, financial losses and ensure that results are never compromised. With Premier One, we have countless experience in the healthcare sector, which means that we know all of the challenges and obstacles associated with specialty transport.

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Medical Supplies

We offer expert delivery of medical equipment to blood donation centers, nursing homes, hospitals & labs throughout the Midlands.

Blood & Specimens

Collection & transportation of patient specimen samples. We efficiently and accurately transport unprocessed/processed blood and blood products.


We deliver all types of prescriptions and medications. Premier One will make sure that all of your prescriptions are properly picked up and delivered to their destination in a timely manner.

Thanks to our prompt and professional experience with the transportation of medical supplies, you can rest assured that Premier One Courier, LLC will make sure that all your shipments are made on time.